Scrimmage Prep

August 16, 2008

Along with the excitement for our scrimmage with Team Saquish today there has been much activity and additional rowing for the teams on the Siren Song and the Gannet!


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  1. My family lived on Wheeler’s Point, in a house my Grandfather had built on Mill River. I had two sisters who were not interested n going eeling at night with my Dad. About 1929 the year was. We would get into his skiff Dad and I and row out of Mill River to the Annisquam, then go up Jones Creek with an oil lantern hanging from the bow of the skiff so that we could see the snake-like ells on the sandy bottom. We would spear them and put them in a basket, take them home and Dad would skin them. Then we would roll them in corn meal and fry them on the old wood stove in the kitchen. Yum! Yum! were they good! Mother would freak out because we got her shiny black stove dirty……but we had fun! Ditty (90 yrs old)

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