Scrimmage – Team Saquish

August 17, 2008

A fun-filled day off the shore of Niles Beach brought the Siren Song women’s team in with a win over their sister gig, the Gannet, and Saquish Rowing Club on the Mike Jenness Sr.

Women’s race:
Siren Song gig — (Barbara/cox, Brittany, Esther, JC, Carole, Judy, Penny)
Time = 42:24

Mike Jenness Sr. gig
Time =43:25

Gannet gig — (Laurie/cox, Debra, Freida, Amy, Ellen, Catie, Traci)
Time = 48:35

In the men’s heat, the Mike Jenness Sr. edged out Siren Song for a smooth finish.

Siren Song gig — (Laurie/cox, Chip, Bart, Ray, Scott, Stephen, Bill)
Time = 33:06

Mike Jenness Sr. gig
Time = 32:58

Thanks to all and their efforts to make this landmark event happen. This was the first hosting of a rowing match for the Gloucester Gig Rowing Club in our harbor.


One comment

  1. Excellent rowing Siren Song!!!!! How exciting, can’t wait for the next scrimmage. I am a faithful follower of the Heritage Center rowing teams.

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