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Publicity at last!

November 23, 2008

Well, thanks to some remarkable follow-through and some fantastic writing on the part of our local Beacon’s sports editor, Jason Brisbois, the Gloucester Gig Rowers have received some well-deserved coverage:

Beacon article “Permanent Gig: Even Cold Weather Can’t Stop Local Rowing Group”

Kudos to all!


Head of the Weir

October 25, 2008

At the inspiration of Esther Martin, a group of Gloucester Gig Rowers made the trek down to Hull, MA a week ago (Saturday October 18th) to row hard and strong with no excuses in a highly contested international competition. The Head of the Weir is a 5.5 mile race from West Corner (on the Hingham-Hull line) to the Windmill Point Boathouse at Hull Gut. The Weir draws boats of all sorts, from coxed gigs, ocean shells, livery and workboats, currachs, to kayaks and canoes. Our team of 7 in the sturdy Siren Song jockeyed for position at the muddle of a starting line and made headway out the narrow estuary and onto open water, past Bumpkin Island, and across Hull Bay to a slight beach at the Hull Lifesaving Museum’s Windmill Point Boathouse.

Using a “head of the river” format, boats set-off from the so-called starting line in flying-starts at one-minute intervals, and times were collated at the finish to determine the race winners. This year was particularly rich with some 28 odd coxed boats showing their mettle. Our Siren Song team came in second with a time of 53:33—beating all the Saquish teams, a Dutch women’s crew, a Dutch men’s crew, as well as boats from the Vineyard and Lake Champlain.

Check out an album of photos from the event here: Head of the Weir flickr album.

Gloucester Gig Rowers

Gloucester Gig Rowers: Bill, Bart, chip, Ellen, Esther, JC, Donna


the Season Runs Strong

October 13, 2008

A weekend row on the harbor usually affords us a few moments of letting the gig run as we sit back and soak in the sights, roll with the relaxing rock of the boat and slip into contemplative joys of the sport… take a look-see at a video of one of our brief respits this past Saturday >>

Gloucester Gig Rowing

Gloucester Gig Rowing


Scrimmage – Team Saquish

August 17, 2008

A fun-filled day off the shore of Niles Beach brought the Siren Song women’s team in with a win over their sister gig, the Gannet, and Saquish Rowing Club on the Mike Jenness Sr.

Women’s race:
Siren Song gig — (Barbara/cox, Brittany, Esther, JC, Carole, Judy, Penny)
Time = 42:24

Mike Jenness Sr. gig
Time =43:25

Gannet gig — (Laurie/cox, Debra, Freida, Amy, Ellen, Catie, Traci)
Time = 48:35

In the men’s heat, the Mike Jenness Sr. edged out Siren Song for a smooth finish.

Siren Song gig — (Laurie/cox, Chip, Bart, Ray, Scott, Stephen, Bill)
Time = 33:06

Mike Jenness Sr. gig
Time = 32:58

Thanks to all and their efforts to make this landmark event happen. This was the first hosting of a rowing match for the Gloucester Gig Rowing Club in our harbor.


Scrimmage Prep

August 16, 2008

Along with the excitement for our scrimmage with Team Saquish today there has been much activity and additional rowing for the teams on the Siren Song and the Gannet!


Early Morning at the Slip

August 12, 2008
Eileen & Sharon

Banks Dory: Eileen & Sharon

Having strolled downed to the Maritime Center early Saturday morning to check on rowing times, I bumped into Eileen and Sharon as they were preparing to take the banks dory out for a spin. Sharon took the stern to power them through the beautifully placid inner harbor, while Eileen took bow for the finesse of avoiding buoys and wayward craft.


Sea Legs & Rowing Muscle

August 4, 2008

This past month marks my plunge into the Gloucester Gig Rowers club. An offshoot of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, it is yet another of Cape Ann’s many understated treasures. With an orientation and two rows under my belt—the six oar pilot gig is truly addictive. Having spent many years kayaking solo around the nooks and inlets of Gloucester’s coast, the team energy of the gig is incredibly refreshing.