Scrimmage Prep

August 16, 2008

Along with the excitement for our scrimmage with Team Saquish today there has been much activity and additional rowing for the teams on the Siren Song and the Gannet!


Early Morning at the Slip

August 12, 2008
Eileen & Sharon

Banks Dory: Eileen & Sharon

Having strolled downed to the Maritime Center early Saturday morning to check on rowing times, I bumped into Eileen and Sharon as they were preparing to take the banks dory out for a spin. Sharon took the stern to power them through the beautifully placid inner harbor, while Eileen took bow for the finesse of avoiding buoys and wayward craft.


Sea Legs & Rowing Muscle

August 4, 2008

This past month marks my plunge into the Gloucester Gig Rowers club. An offshoot of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, it is yet another of Cape Ann’s many understated treasures. With an orientation and two rows under my belt—the six oar pilot gig is truly addictive. Having spent many years kayaking solo around the nooks and inlets of Gloucester’s coast, the team energy of the gig is incredibly refreshing.